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TP Games RI
Creator of Shape Counters Card Game and
Roll a Rainbow Dice Game! Coming Soon!


We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Manufacturing. Please stay tuned for for more information.

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Intro to TP Games RI

My name is Taralyn Plante and I am the owner of TP Games RI which was founded in 2019. My company is located in Warwick, Rhode Island. I have chosen a tulip as my company logo because my first name begins with the letter “T” and my last name is Plante so, I wanted my logo to be a classy plant beginning with the letter “T”. Growing up, yellow tulips had been planted in my yard and have always been my favorite “Plantes”, other than my family members of course.


I grew up playing a lot of tabletop games with my family. Some of my favorites included Monopoly, Uno, Dominoes, and Gin Rummy. I have always shown a profound interest in inventing games. As a child I would have ideas for potential table top games and then draw them out on posterboard, cardboard, or paper. I used to buy a pack of mini wooden “men” called meeples from the craft store and paint them different solid colors to use as playing pawns for my board game “inventions.”
As you're having fun exploring my website, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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Roll a Rainbow

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